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What is a Portuguese Chicken?

A chicken cooked in Portugal? No. A Portuguese chicken is a flat style looking chicken. This style of chicken originated in the South African Portuguese colonies of Mozambique and Angola and has since appeared everywhere internationally.

How is it prepared?

A Portuguese chicken is a whole chicken that is cooked with the butterfly technique, which is where you split the chicken into two whilst leaving the chicken still intact, hence the reason it looks flat. It is then marinated in a mixture of herbs and spices including saffron, paprika, cumin, turmeric and a touch of curry powder, then chargrilled to crispy perfection.

How to eat Portuguese Chicken?

Traditionally Portuguese chicken is chargrilled until it’s well done and is either eaten as is or most popularly had with Peri Peri sauce generously drizzled all over. Yum!!

Is Portuguese Chicken too spicy for kids?

No. Portuguese chicken whilst marinated in herbs and spices for added flavour, is not spicy and kids love it. For the spicy alternative add some delicious Peri Peri sauce.

What’s the difference between traditional round Chargrill Chicken and Portuguese Chicken?

The traditional round chargrill chicken is not marinated but rather stuffed with Casa Pollo’s secret stuffing of herbs and spices and bread crumbs. Portuguese chicken is marinated, chargrilled and has no stuffing. Try one of our Portuguese chickens at Casa Pollo which we promise to bring a festival of flavours to your palette.

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